Sunday, April 17, 2011

Speaking of Spring

Heralds of Spring, 16" x 20" watercolor

This is a watercolor painting completed in 2010, "Heralds of Spring". I participate in the art site "Wet Canvas", and one of our members passed away last year. Several of us chose one of her many reference images to paint as a tribute. I like the way the daffodils seem to be looking at the solo white tulip.
Available for purchase.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Time for Spring Cleaning (or not)??

Robert Genn's most recent Twice-Weekly Letter made me think. I have a lot of old paintings that will never see the light of day, let alone a mat & frame.

A lot of the early work from my beginner watercolor class make me laugh, like the 'hovering onions' (don't ask, I won't show it). ;-) Some I treasure because I can see how my art has grown, and they are 'pretty good', but not good enough. I've only thrown out less than a half dozen paintings in almost 10 years. One in particular, I ripped up and walked straight out to the trash can because I was so frustrated with it.  I regret that rash act; while doing a mixed media piece, I remember thinking "oh, I can use some of that painting for collage"; until I realized it was gone. A full sheet too.

Sometimes I think I should have a bonfire, yet the mixed media artist in me says "keep it, you'll use it one day". Other times I think those old pieces are bogging me down and I should release them. The art miser in me says "use the other side, or gesso over it, guillotine it, recycle".

What do you do with your old sketches, and paintings that aren't your best, the "failures"?? Do you recycle or spring clean?

Friday, March 25, 2011

Joseph Raffael - Check One off the Bucket List

One of my artistic goals was to actually be nose to glass with a watercolor painting by Joseph Raffael, and today, I actually met that goal!!

Joseph Raffael: Reflections from the Garden

Traveling to the Nancy Hoffman Gallery (who represents Raffael) in the Chelsea District in New York City was/is a possibility, but to be able to view his work right here in southern California, is a special treat. SOKA University is currently displaying some of his best works, for free, Monday through Friday, until April 15, 2011. To say the exhibit is amazing and incredible, is an understatement.

To quote Arie A. Galles, Professor of Art, SOKA University: "Joseph Raffael understands the white of his paper, the brilliance of color, and the depth of luminous shadow. His objects appear drenched in brilliant light, while, at the same time, emanating a luminescence, an internal glow, of their own....There is a calm in the cacophony of shapes and colors, and an energy in each passage of his brush."

If you are in southern California, or plan to visit before April 15, 2011 - don't miss this one!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

2nd Auction for Japan

I have just submitted this painting to the Daily Paintworks Help Japan Challenge hosted by Keiko Tanabe. Many artists are contributing to this effort - please click here to view the paintings, and to make a purchase.

Hold the Lettuce #3
Original Watercolor
Image size: 14" x 19"
Current bid: $50.00

100% of the proceeds will go to a charitable organization assisting in the relief efforts. Now is your chance to own a beautiful piece of art and help make a difference in peoples' lives.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Art Auction for Japanese Disaster Relief

Along with the rest of the world, I watched in shock and horror the terrible events that unfolded after the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan on March 11, 2011. It is in response to this event and fund raising effort that I create this blog to help in whatever small way I can.

Following the efforts by fellow artists Keiko Tanabe, Tom Schaller, Marvin Chew, and many more, I would like to offer this painting to anyone who'd like to help those affected by this disaster. 100% of the proceeds at the end of the auction will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross Society (via Google's crisis response site).

"Sun Struck"
15" x 22"
Original Watercolor

If you'd like to own this painting, please e-mail me at with the subject "Japan Art Donation", with your bid price. Auction will end at midnight 12:00am (Pacific Daylight Time) Monday, March 21, 2011. The first bidder with the highest bid price will win this auction and be notified by e-mail. Please note that I can only accept Paypal for international bidders. I may have to add a slight shipping fee if it is going a great distance, but if in the US, I'll cover it. The painting will be shipped without mat or frame to alleviate extra shipping costs. Also, I will keep the current high bid amount below the painting updated as the auction continues.

Minimum bid price is $50.00 (I have lowered the opening bid price on 3/19/11)

You may also like to consider similar auctions by other artists around the world.  Click here to find out more.

Additionally, there is another website here that will be holding similar auctions beginning soon.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and generosity.